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 Havre De Haunts was formed in 2013 by the owner,

Lisa Unruh Lopez. She has a passion for the paranormal and throughout the years has been collecting stories from locals and guests that have had ghostly experiences. She is also a native of Havre de Grace, with her family dating back to before the War of 1812. Her Havre de Haunts team has extensive experience in being tour guides and in the paranormal field.  


       Our passion is to share our stories with others.

Whether a skeptic or believer, our ghostly tales will,

                     at the very least, intrigue you.

Robbin Van Pelt is a local well known 

PHOTOGRAPHER and a leading GHOST RESEARCHER  who operates "The Ghosts of Havre de Grace".

She has been involved with the paranormal since 1984 and is in several books and magazine's on ghosts and  hauntings. Robbin has also appeared on several Television programs. She helps Lisa to operate Havre de Haunts.


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